Pope John Paul ll frees a girl from the devil

The mystery

Papa Wojtyla

The girl, just turned twenty, lived in a small village not far from Terni. She was beautiful, full of life. One day, out of the blue, she became unrecognizable.  Subject to increasingly violent raptus, she flew into a raging fury. Her neighbours, living closeby in the village could hear her screaming blasphemy so horrendous as to make even the hair of an army of troopers stand on end! She went on for hours and hours. And, after the cursing she began to growl like a wild beast. An unbelievable transformation! The poor parish priest went around the vicarage shaking his head. “It’s the devil- he said to the parishers-  she’s possessed by the devil who always incarnates in those most beautiful”. He had to be driven out, but how? The Bishop of Spoleto, to whose Diocese the village belonged, decided to take her to Pope Wojtyla.
This incident which took place at the beginning of the 80s of the last century, is told in in the book “Mes six Papes”, the diary of the French Cardinal Jacques Martin, who was an intimate collaborator of six popes among whom was Pope John Paul ll: even the Pope was disturbed: ” It’s the first time I have seen anything like it. A real biblical scene”! he said. Almost a year later, Cardinal Martin goes on to say, the young woman asks the Pope for an audience. She had married and was completely free fom the diabolical possession after the meeting with the Pope.


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