The strange castle of Gaglietole


Chiesa sul castello di Gaglietole
The castle-church of Gaglietole

At Gaglietole, the main square is dominated by a huge castle, four towers , one at each corner, joined by a high and mighty wall. But, it is a strange castle because on top of it there is a bell tower. Today that castle is the Church of St. Christopher, the patron saint of Gaglietole, a small village situated on the western side of the Martani mountains.
The transformation dates back to the time of the wars between the Guelfs and the Ghibellines, supporters of the Pope or the Emperor. Something serious must certainly have happened in Gaglietole. The Guelfs must have won and so built the Church of St. Christopher. The symbolism of the operation is clear: the power of the Pope outclasses that of the emperor. To sum up, a sign of victory.




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