Scientist announces: “Umbria, there is so much uranium”

Uranium UmbriaIt all began with the initiative of a geologist who was living in Udine: there was a great wealth to exploit in the subsoil of San Venanzo, a small town in the province of Terni, near the border with Perugia. Volcanic land. The same San Venanzo rises on the edge of a crater. Money and much, announced the “scientist”, because it was as if there were so many oil wells. Indeed, there was – he said – something more valuable: uranium, an extended field for seven hectares. It was 1950. The Friulian geologist announced his discovery and said in essence:”Umbria, wake up! under your feet you have a great wealth which is being wasted”. The “scientist” tried to buy all the area and began the excavation. Then, mysteriously, disappeared. The uranium was not there. In San Venanzo volcanic area there is only one particular lava stone named “Venanzite”. However, it is worth more or less the same as any other stone.

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