Terni & US Steel: the European special steel hub is born


Terninoss, US Steel "Terni"
The new factory Terninoss in 1964

“New York-1961, Sept. 20 – Business men, representatives of  the Terni company (industry and electricity) belonging to the Finsider group, and representatives of the United States Steel Corporation, announced the formation of a new company named “Terninoss stainless steel S.p.A” which intends to produce rolled stainless steel in a new factory that will be installed in Terni and will start production by the end of 1963″. The agency news flash passed almost unnoticed in the financial pages of Italian newspapers. But stockbrokers, more attentive, noted it immediately: in three days the stock value of the “Terni SPA” increased by 5 percent.
For the town of Terni, it was a very important day, because the “Terni” of the special steels was officially born on September 20, 1961. The new stainless steel production was added to that of the magnetic sheet. In the following years, the production of carbon steel and titanium were developed and one of the most important production sites in Europe was establshed in Terni.

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